Arkham Knights

s1e2 - Don't Fear the Ripper

Evil Possesses an Innocent Woman

Lost my notes for this one also. Went pretty by the numbers. In addition to dealing with the demon that haunted Dana Green, they managed to clear a small house of a troubling entity named Walter Corbitt. Dana and Mo seemed to forge some kind of connection.

Rhys: No need to scream, we’re on patrol, how about some tact and a little stealth.
Olivia: tramps have no self respect

Olivia: who was that?
Rhys: Just a customer from the library wanting to share an interesting movie.
Olivia: oh…what kind of movie? i love movies!
Rhys: A movie that is well beyond your age, but I find it amusing that you have interest in such things. Let us continue our patrol.
Olivia: well i’m bored Rhys
Rhys takes a gulp off his flask.
Olivia: here comes thedrinking again
Rhys: Well you can call it a night Olivia, but some of us actually need to get some work done out here.
Olivia: ok i’ll be quite
_Rhys chuckles and whispers, “Youth…” _

Rhys: I need to try and research this particular event more. Any ideas on what I should look for?
Mo: Girl buys dagger, Dagger gives girl nightmares, girl has dagger sealed in hemetic case, nightmares not gone, world gonna end in three days, usual tuesday stuff
Jaime: Ok. So, how do we stop the end of the world?
Rhys: It must be the butler, never trust an englishman.

Mo: Find out just how bad it is like indiana jones melt your face bad or Carolann suck you in the tv eat your house kinda bad.
Mo: or hellraiser yank off your skin kind of bad.
GM: Mass population slaughter bad
Mo: indiana jones face melting bad it is



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