Arkham Knights

s1e3 - When Giants Clash

Super Vampires!

The heroes of the story found themselves having to deal with two over-powered vamps, specifically Gary and Mark. Gary was extra large and strong, and Mark had amped up mind control powers. Both of the vampires, however, were losers. The team managed to confront them separately. Olivia, in the dark, managed to take Gary down with her bow in only a couple of seconds. When they engaged Mark, he managed to take mental control of Both Evan and Jaime but failed to usurp control of Mo. Mo was then able to decapitate him. There were indications that the entity from s1e1 – Sweeps Week was connected to the revving up of these two vampires.

Rhys (in the hospital): Calling Olivia: I need you to sneak me in a flask, I have a few at home, just fill it with the amber liquid in the fridge and bring it over please.
Olivia: no not on pain killers
Rhys: Now it not the time to argue child!

Mo: sounds like a joke a muslim, a doctor and a demon spawn walk into a bar. Now I just have to figure out the punchline.

Rhys: Calling Jaime: We need to talk.
Jaime: What about?
Rhys: You
Jaime: Say again?
Rhys: YOU
Jaime: What about me?
Rhys: Bring me some alcohol and we can talk, I need this favor
Ralph Morgan: Remember, enough for two!
Jaime: There is nothing to talk about. Aren’t you in the hospital, with a head injury, I mean, i am not doctor, well, maybe i am, The Doctor of Kicking ASS!!!!! But wouldn’t alcohol affect you adversely?

Jaime: They are gonna pissed. We are gonna interupt their morning cartoons.
Mo: I guess even a shithole feels more like home with cable tv.
Olivia: Shhhhhhh!
Evan: I wonder what they watch
Jaime: Before we kill them, can I ask them how they did that, cause I need to know, i don’t have cable at my house.
Olivia: (whispers) assholes
Mo: they probably just turned a cable guy to hook them up
Evan: That is a smart move
Jaime: I can’t turn a cable guy, maybe we can get him to hook me up?



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