Arkham Knights

s1e4 - A Cult of One

Evil Organ Transplants?!?

Evan performed surgery on a man named Ralph Morgan. Morgan shared a room with Rhys (who had been pretty severely injured), which allowed Evan and the others to get to know Ralph to some degree. Shortly thereafter, Ralph disappeared from the hospital (though he was in no condition to move). When asked by Ralph’s daughter Mary to investigate, the team learned that a handful of folks had recently disappeared. After some digging, they learned the only thing the people had in common was organ donations. Specifically, they all received organs from the same person, one Jedediah Gammell.

Gammell had concocted a scheme to grant himself immortality by investing his life force into his organs and then using those donated organs to take control of the recipients. It worked. And then the team killed pretty much everyone involved, stopping Gammell’s plan. Jaime singlehandedly grappled a hunting horror and snapped its neck (this was that player’s last session before shipping out).

Mo: Me and my associate here are troop leaders for the apocalypse girls she is our patrol leader we are like the girl scouts but more survival training than cookies. we are our looking for new campsites to hold our jamboree. You guys are lucky we did not have the full troop out here.



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