Arkham Knights

s1e5 - The Bookstore

Evil books. . . what a shock

Reginald Preston (Guest Star Patrick Stewart) approached Mo Ali to handle a case. Seems a friend of his, a bookstore owner, was dead, and the store and body haunted by some kind of entity. Mo went to investigate and sure enough, there was some kind of spirit creature inside the store. It attacked a young woman who entered the store shortly after Mo. They managed to escape the creature, and Mo took the young woman, Manasa Rush, back to the office so Evan could look at her wounds.

Eventually, Mo managed to round up Evan Haydenfield and Olivia Danvers in order to help deal with the entity. The group also met Gao Longwei (Gow Lung-way), Olivia’s new Watcher, who agreed to aid them in this quest. A phone call with Presotn informed Mo that is he could grab a pic of the binding seal on the book, Preston might be able to dig up a ritual designed to banish the creature from the earthly realms. Before heading off, they saw a story on the late night news about a beating at a local night club, Arkham Nights, in which one Jaime Sanders was taken into custody for beating a club-goer near to death.

In the process of trying to score photos of the bonding seal, Manasa got hurt again (0 for 2 against this spirit for her), but she did manage to grab the book and take it outside to the street (for some reason). Mo, acting quickly, jumped outside, grabbed the book and threw it back inside the bookstore before the doors closed. Unsurprisingly, the book’s new position changed the available attack area of the spirit, allowing it some small reach outside of the store and into an adjacent business (Why, yes, it did kill a random person who came within range).

By the next afternoon, Reginald was able to provide them with a proper banishing ritual. They decided Gao would distract the spirit, since he was the only one who could actually hurt it (woot! for Sorcery!) while Evan and Dolores Mayweather would perform the ritual.

Kinda boring story short – they managed to banish the creature. And by “they”, I mostly mean Evan (primary caster on the ritual) and Gao (who blasted the spirit with sorcery while protecting himself and Olivia, almost to the point of collapsing from exhaustion). Dolores remained steady while helping, and eventually, Manasa got involved in performing the ritual as well. Olivia did her best to try and intercept the spirit’s attacks on Gao. When it banished, Gao was one point away from collapse.

Score one for the good guys. Except for the poor dead guy next door who didn’t do anything at all.

Olivia: What the heck have i done but kick ass, and help out?
Mo: well there was the incident where you assaulted a few government agents that was reckless and in the end pointless you could have jeopardized the entire mission not to mention bringing government scrutiny on our operation here
Olivia: giggles

Manasa: So have you guys actually checked out this guy that gave you this ritual?
(So asks the woman who essentially barged her way into this op and has not been vetted in any way)

Evan: WHAT?!!
Evan: I am like a freaking wizard!

Evan: Now Dolores, did you have a good time?
Dolores Mayweather: I’ve had better dates certainly.
Dolores Mayweather: But I admit, I’ve had worse dates too.
Evan: Nice

Manasa: i say we burn this place down.
Mo: wtf are you related to jaime?
Evan: I feel that arson is not the right move here
Manasa: who’s jamie?



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