Arkham Knights

s1e7 - Blood Brothers

One Olivia Too Many!

A psychic vision led the team to interrupt a ritual being performed by demon cultists. While the group handily handled the cultists, they caused the ritual to go wrong. Before they knew it, Olivia rose into the air, and a light was ripped from her. The light quickly took the form of. . . Olivia before it disappeared.

Now the team is on the hunt for what, by all accounts, is an evil twin to their best fighter. An evil twin who knows what Olivia knows, and can do what she does, but better.

The duplicate manifested during Evan first battle with another Immortal in order to explain it’s goals to Mo.

Evan handled himself nicely against his first Immortal opponent, scoring several telling blows through the man’s defenses, before taking his head with a single, precise strike. He has now felt his first Quickening, the rush of taking a defeated foe’s life force and experience into himself.

Mo and Olivia shared a dream of a young woman, wandering the streets, scared and alone, until she ran into Olivia. The girl asked for help, to be answered by Olivia adopting a more demonic guise and snapping the girl’s neck as the city, and then world, was engulfed in flames.

While pondering how to proceed in the case of Olivia’s Evil Twin, API was approached by a man, Richard D’Angelo, who needed their help to find his runaway niece, Janine. Her father killed her mother and committed suicide a mere week before, and in shock, the girl ran away. Mo recognized the picture of the missing girl as the girl form his dream, so accepted the case. Some simple investigative work led him first to the girl’s current residence, and then to her place of work – a down and dirty strip club. Within moments of entering, they spotted Janine on the stage, frozen with fear, when the power to the club went out and the place was invaded by a group of cultists like those from the warehouse. A short melee ensued, while Mo managed to grab the girl, and vacate the premises.

After taking her back to the office for a while, Evan was able to convince Captain John to take the girl in for a few days for protection (to keep Olivia from knowing where she was). Evan, Mo, and Dolores transported the girl to Captain John’s, and while there, managed to gather further information on the case.

They learned that Janine seems to have prophetic dreams, but also believes that what she dreams comes true, and they also learned that she doesn’t have an uncle that she knows of, which tore some holes in Richard D’Angelo’s story.

The next morning, when Evan was at the gym getting changed, he received a phone call from Captain John. Evan heard the sounds of battle as John screamed “GET OVER HERE NOW!”

Evan, on the move, called Mo and Gao for help. Arriving on the scene, he found the Captain and Dolores embattled by a horde of the little demon cultists that had been plaguing them since the beginning of all this. Evan set about blasting cultists in the face with a Magnum. Shortly thereafter, Mo and Manasa showed up and joined the fray, followed by Gao. The fight was. . . less than epic, the demon cultists having only numbers as an advantage against a skilled team. By far the most epic thing about the melee was Evan going to charge a cultist but missing and running face first into a door frame, nearly removing himself from the fight. They all got a good look at Dolores’s handiwork – for a 60 year old women, she seemed to have scored a kill count of about 5 or 6 cultists.

The next few hours were spent hacking up and bagging cultist bodies for disposal (via river tossing). While this was going on, during lunch, a boy, a popular jock at that, approached Olivia and asked for help with a science project. After getting past her initial suspicions that it was a trick of some kind, she agreed to meet him at the library after school to help Daryl.

Evan took Dolores to the hospital, while the rest of them took Janine back to the office since the Captain’s place was no longer secure. Shortly thereafter, a woman walked into the office, asking to speak with Mr. Ali or Mr. Haydenfield. She introduced herself as Ingrid Thorstein, Wolfram & Hart. She explained to Mo that W&H had been made trustees of the D’Angelo estate, and guardians of Janine. Mo asked her to wait while he confirmed the legal decisions. After he went into an office to make some calls, Manasa ordered Thorstein to sit down. Upon Thorstein’s refusal, Manasa stood up with axe out, in a clearly threatening manner.

Meanwhile, Dolores checked out as having no permanent damage at the hospital. At least none from that fight.

Olivia met Daryl at the library and discovered that he was in fact working a science project, and needed help. They left off exchanging numbers, with an unspoken promise of more meetings.

Back at the ranch, Thorstein told Manasa she had a 5 count to put her weapon away and cease her threatening ways. Manasa failed to comply, which is when Thorstein called in the strike team. . .

Oh yeah.

All of a sudden, the newly replaced side windows were smashed in, along with the front door, as a commando team busted into the office. Mo struck like a viper, taking one commando’s gun from him and knocking another to the ground. Mo engaged in melee with the commandos, 3 on 1, and held his own quite nicely. Manasa struck a commando with an axe, and as a result, got shot a lot for her trouble. Just a few seconds into the battle (which you’ll note is lacking Evan, Gao, and Olivia), a group of large, demonic thugs showed up, hollarin’ to be given the girl. The thugs engaged the commandos, and things went almost free for all. Mo made his way out of the office to the reception area, where he found several commandos, demon thugs and a severely wounded Manasa fighting, well, everyone. That’s when Olivia showed up. She proceeded to attack the commandos, as she made her way over to Janine, who had come down the stairs, curios to know about the commotion.

Yes, you guessed it. It was not Olivia, but EVIL Olivia, and she teleported away with Janine.

Around this time, Evan pulled up a block away, and called Mo to ask why there were a bunch of armed men outside the office. As he and Mo conversed, Thorstein ordered her men to stand down (after one of them had called in team 2 – reinforcements are a bitch). Olivia, biking home, engaged one of the demon thugs but he retreated, having better things to do.

Thorstein agreed to let Evan take Manasa to the hospital while they waited for a W&H clean-up team to arrive. Olivia made her way to the office to find out what the fuck, and when she and Mo went in, one of the commandos (one whom EVIL Olivia had kicked in the balls REALLY hard) started yelling for her to get on the ground, and everyone was ready to kill again. When the commando pointed out to Miss Thorstien (whom EVIL Olivia had knocked out upon first appearing – she never saw who hit her) that this was the girl who took the target, well, things took a turn for the worse.

Thorstein called in for a Reader, while Olivia started explaining where she had been and how it clearly wasn’t her who had taken the girl, etc. When given a a choice between submitting to the Reader or doing it the hard way, Olivia said “you touch me and i really will kick someone in the balls”, which is about the time one of the commandos smashed her in the head with the butt of his SMG.

To be continued (but what’s going to happen is Olivia will resist, she will lose, the Reader will read, and do some mental damage at the same time, they find she’s telling the truth, they go away, no one is happy!)

Manasa: are you crying?
Olivia: (tries to compose herself) No!
Manasa: I hope not! There’s no crying in slaying! All warriors know that!

Evan: Hey, duty calls and the world doesn’t save its self.
Sarah Haydenfield: Fine. You go do what you think you need to do, but don’t think we’re not going to talk about this.

Evan: Oh good. Manasa is here. After the van again? Looking to set something on fire?

GM: You swing, making contact with the demon, but also slashing Evan in the process
Evan: Seriously. Who’s side are you on?

Gao: Hopefully this thing will go away once it doesn’t have a living vessel.
Olivia: What are you planning on doing? Killing me>
Gao: No, you’re going to kill you.
Olivia: So you want me to kill myself or the spirit
Gao: You pay this much attention in school? The spirit is occupying a copy of you.
Gao: You should be occupied with the thing that is in all senses a copy of you and wants to hurt everyone you know.
Olivia: Well if that’s the case it should also feel my pain as well.
Gao: It’s not your soul twin…American children watch too much TV.

Evan: If you lay down, I’ll stop hitting you.

Evan: Are you in this country Illegally?
Manasa: I came into the US from Canada.
Evan: That was not the question.
Manasa: I hitchhiked. is hitchhiking illegal?

Capt. John: Girl has probably left DNA all over the damned place.
Evan: Well, then we having something in common. HIGH FIVE!

Ingrid Thorstein: (To Manasa) I really suggest you sit down miss. I’d hate to have to fill out the paperwork if you get hurt.

Mo: I don’t kill people now get the fuck out of here before I change my mind.



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