Arkham Knights

s1e8 - Dead of Night

Won't Somebody PLEASE Think of the Children?!?

First, the actual end of the last episode:
Olivia attacked a commando and the Reader, but was then tasered into unconsciousness, and had her mind read. Miss Thorstien and the strike team then left the building. When replacing the windows this time, Mo opted for armored glass.

About a week later or so, while sitting in the office (because really, that’s all he does), Mo received a job offer by fax. A simple job to search the remains of a wealthy dead man’s home with the goal of finding anything of value that may have been missed in the initial asset collection process. The property of the dead man, Jason Checkley, had already been sold to a development company, and during the demolition (which started right after Checkley’s death), a small hidden cubby or alcove was revealed. This wasn’t unusual, except for the fact that the alcove contained a skeleton, making the scene a crime scene. That makes investigating the scene without authorization a criminal act. Luckily, our heroes aren’t afraid of a little criminal act here and there.

Mo and Evan set out to investigate any leads on possible missing treasures, and ended up rounding up Gao and Manasa (who is still suffering from a broken arm, fractured hip, and other wounds) to go investigate the remains of the property.

Some keen night time investigation led them to a small, hand-dug tunnel. Mo crawled in and followed the short tunnel into a small, foul room that had signs of human remains, and ritual necromancy. A locked door and the walls were all clawed up, especially the wall around the tunnel. Something had lived in here and for whatever reason, ripped its way out and up into the world. In the room, they found a scrap of cloth, which Gao later used in a location spell.

The spell led Gao, Manasa, and Mo to one of Arkham’s many cemeteries. Why not Evan also? Because while they were discussing plans, he received a call from his wife with the demand that he get to the hospital A.S.A.P! Seems his daughter had fallen down the stairs. He and his wife ended up in a brief argument (rooted in her basic dislike of his side business as a P.I.). Evan went home to shower (he, Mo, and Gao all stank of decay, death, and feces from the tunnel crawling).

At the cemetery, Gao and Manasa were attacked by a vampire looking for a nighttime snack. Gao fended off the aggressor with a newly learned column of flame incantation. The trio made their way to the Checkley family crypt, which showed signs of recent entry (entry that someone tried to cover up).

While Gao and Manasa looked around inside of the mausoleum, Mo stood watch outside the front door, when a terrifying creature attacked him form above, tearing his face open. It looked to be a small child, a girl, in the remains of a blue dress. The poor creature was clearly undead, all rotting flesh and muscle, with bits and pieces hanging off, and the stench of decay cloaking her like protective armor. Mo lashed out with strikes (which did nothing) and a leg sweep, knocking the abomination to the ground. Gao jumped out with his sword and struck a fierce, but not killing blow! In retaliation, the zombie child sunk her undead chompers into Gao’s foot, and her ragged claws into his shins, seemingly with the goal of tearing his leg off for later consumption.

Mo jumped in and drove a stake into the childthing’s head, but even that didn’t stop her fearsome assault on Gao’s extremities! Gao’s repeated blows with his sword did, however, stop her vicious assault upon his shin!Then they hacked up the body and shoved the remains in a corner of the mausoleum. Not their best clean up job.

Meanwhile, Evan returned to the hospital to find his daughter and wife asleep. As he set his daughter’s Teddy Bear on her chest, she sprang up, stiff like a board, and with solid, milky white eyes.

Immortal, your path is false, and all that you love shall fall along the way” she proclaimed, before falling back into unconsciousness.

To be continued. . .

We pick back up a couple days later, after the team has done some research. The evidence led the team to some abandoned warehouses in the docks district of Arkham. The team wandered around a bit in the chill night air, until Evan got scared by a stray dog. The dog began to scratch at the metal sheeting of one of the warehouses, when, before Evan and Gao’s eyes, it was snatched into the building under the sheet metal! A-HA! This must be the place they thought. So Mo picked the lock, threw open the doors, stepped in, and was immediately pounced upon by the second zombie child, who seriously damaged his neck as she drove him face first into the ground and mounted him with nothing but ill intent towards his flesh.

Mo managed to get out from under the zombie child, as Gao hacked at it with his sword. Manasa tried to take it down with a KO punch, and Evan shot it four times, none of which seemed to have much effect, It didn’t even have much effect when Manasa came back and tried to knock it out three times with her flashlight. What did have an effect was Gao throwing a column of flame spell on it (though that burned the piss out of Evan also), followed by Evan hacking it down with his sword. They tossed the creature in the Miskatonic and went home for the night (after ending to Mo’s wounds; poor Mo. Twice now he has been the first target and brunt-bearer of the wee lil zombie children).

After following up on some crimson salmon, they decided to go investigate a newspaper (remember, it’s 1999, those are still around) story about a ghost sighting in the woods north of town. Somehow, Mo managed to get far away form the team, when SHOCK GASP out form under a bridge sprung the last, and most fierce (well, not really, the warehouse one was the most fierce – this one would have grown content to feed on animals in the woods) zombie child, Adam! He lunged at Mo, scoring a nasty bite. In retaliation, Mo drew his BRAND NEW MACHETE and . . .

hacked the zombie boy to a second death in less than 3 seconds, thus concluding the adventure. It was a bit anticlimactic. Hell, the poor thing was dead before the rest of the team even realized a mortal kombat was playing out not too far away.

Sarah Haydenfield: Jesus Evan, where have you been? You stink!
Evan: I was working and fell into a hole.
Shannon Haydenfield: It was an accident. Beth asked something and I turned and tripped.
Evan: I was going to take a shower when I got called.
Sarah Haydenfield: . . . Okay. . .
Evan: The investigating job, not the surgeon job.

Shannon Haydenfield: springs to a sitting position, stiff backed, eyes solid milky white Immortal, your path is false, and all that you love shall fall along the way!
Evan: Well, shit.

Evan: Big dog Mo
Evan: Kill it
Mo: you are running from Fido?
Evan: Not running, just backing away.

Evan: If the zombie kids are eating dogs I say we leave them alone.
Mo: there is only a finite number of dogs in this city what happens when we run out
Evan: Then we can kill the zombie kids
Evan: And all our problems are solved.

Evan: What if its a dog trick and I bang on the thing and the dog runs out and eats me?
Evan: Or gives me rabies.
Mo: you are a doctor you can give yourself the shots



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