Arkham Knights

s1e9 - And So It Begins

Things Get Real Now

We picked up the day after s1e8 – Dead of Night ended, with everyone recuperating and tending to the required, but normal business of the day. Concerns like “How much will plastic surgery for the facial scars be and will my insurance cover it?” or “How am I going to make money for my hotel room if I can’t dance in a sleazy bar for very lonely, smelly men?”

Olivia finally contacted Mo about her parents having been missing for more than a week. He agreed to look into it. She then contacted Gao to ask for help. The conversation went something like this:

Olivia: My parents have been missing for about a week and ahalf can you please help me find them?
Gao: I guess
Olivia: I called Mo and he is looking into it for me
Olivia: also
Olivia: I’m not so worried but Mikey is worried sick. I personally think evil me has somethign to do with it
Gao: I guess this is the kind of thing life insurance is for

Olivia didn’t take that last comment in the humor it was intended (maybe – no onebut Gao knows what humor was intended there). Regardless, that set a bad tone for the two of them that will last who knows how long?

Olivia called Manasa, who invited the troubled teen to her hotel room. . . While Olivia was in transit, Manasa called Gao and invited him over (in what looked like and attempt to get them to talk). When Olivia saw Gao walking up to the hotel room, she fled the scene in tears. Gao, under a facade of indifference, suggested he and Manasa go to Olivia’s home to find DNA samples from her parents so he could just use a tracking spell to find them.

When Gao and Manasa arrived at Olivia’s home, they found it to be on fire. Lots of fire. Which while very bad for Olivia and anyone in the shack, did warm up the cold Massachusetts air nicely. They called Mo (who happened to be with Olivia by this point) about the fire, and then the two of them split up to look for Michael. Mo and Olivia set out towards her home.

That’s when, out of the darkness, Manasa (already working with a fractured hip and broken left arm) found herself assaulted by two “white trash” vampires (actually, Olivia’s parents). In mere seconds, before she even had a chance to put up a defense or cry for help, Manasa was beaten unconscious (and then beaten some more).

While moving back to her previous location, Gao noticed the hood of his car hanging off, and part of the engine ripped off. Then he spotted, in the distance, Manasa’s prone form. Gao retreated to his car to wait for support. While he did so, the Danvers vampires availed themselves of the opportunity to feed on Manasa.

By the time Olivia and Mo arrived, the vampires had already fled the area (or at least it appeared that way). Hearing the sirens of AFD on the way, Mo and Gao took Manasa’s unconscious form back to the office, leaving Olivia there to try and track her now missing brother.

As they were preparing to haul Manasa off, Evan was pulling into the office parking lot to check in after a long surgery. That’s when he noticed Michael Danvers crouched in front of the office doors. He took him inside for something to drink, and to warm him up. Michael informed Evan that his parents had been turned, and set the house on fire.

Finally, they got Manasa chained down (in case the vamps had turned her)in one of the exam rooms, and Olivia reunited with Michael, allowing Michael to tell his tale of fleeing his vampire parents.

Before long, they heard Manasa scream in an unearthly manner. Rushing back, they found her convulsing. Evan moved to give her a sedative, and that’s when he noticed that her skin was rippling, with what looked like scales trying to break through the flesh. Just as he inserted the needle for the sedative, she arched up and vomited forth an unbelievable quantity of black. . . stuff, thick, like tar, but smelling or bile and boil pus. The ooze coated everything, including Evan, but he did manage to sedate her form. Then he puked. Then Olivia went to look at Manasa and puked.

We left with Mo beginning to clean up the terrible, terrible mess. . .

The next day, as Gao continued some very important research (possibly into porn, who knows?), upon his door was a knocka knocka. He opened to find a fellow Watcher, Thurston Howell the Third, standing upon his porch. Gao and Thurston have an as-yet undisclosed history, but it is not one filled with camaraderie and brotherly love. Thurston informed Gao that he was newly arrived in Arkham to follow up on the death of Rhys Harper, gather more information on Gao’s encounter with Spike, and a general check up on the situation in general. And Howell seemed extra eager to begin this task, which would include interviewing everyone that Rhys had become involved with (and those with whom now Gao was involved).

At roughly the same time, Manasa awoke to find herself with a foul stench in her nostrils, pain all over, and. . . oh yeah, that she was apparently chained to a table. Mo proceeded to answer her questions and explain the situation (last thing she remembered was Olivia’s house burning), including why she would not be unchained at that particular moment in time (because maybe she’s a vampire, maybe she’s possessed).

Evan loaned Olivia some money to buy new clothes for her and Mikey and some other supplies for their extended stay in Mansasa’s motel room. Good times. . .

Gao brought Thurston to the office to begin conducting interviews, all of which went fairly well (i.e., no one tried to stab the guy or anything). After the interviews, Evan and Mo took Manasa to the hospital in order to get a complete check up done and run a full battery of tests.

A couple of days later, Thurston showed back up at Gao with wonderful news. He’d submitted his reports, and the Watcher’s Council, in their infinite wisdom, decided that Thurston should stay in Arkham for a while to provide oversight and more direct reporting back to the Council.

Saturday night, under the pretense of doing surveillance, Evan went out on a date with Susan Dumont. Bad Evan. That behavior is going to come back and bite him in the ass at some point I bet.

Most of the next week was uneventful, with folks preparing for Thanksgiving, or what not. According to science, Manasa was human. Sure, a brutally beaten, blood-drained human, but human. But what does science know? So the hospital cut her loose (because dammit, they’re tired of paying for her). Thanksgiving went off without a hitch (yea!).

The next Monday was Mo’s birthday! Happy Birthday Mo! Evan took Mo out to lunch, while Dolores called everyone to the office for a surprise birthday party. Just what the group needs. A nice, fun party full of tasty food, good moods, friends and family, including Mo’s mother, Evan’s wife Sarah and daughter Shannon. Michael Danvers didn’t make it though (but no one seemed to notice). Probably had school.

Everyone hopped out when Evan flicked on the lights, yelling “Surprise!” And much mirth was had by all (because clearly the trained detective didn’t’ suspect anything). As everyone moved into the conference room for cake, Olivia mentioned that she had left Mo’s gift on her bike and would be right back. . .

Mo: talk to Evan before we go in How long have you been planning this?
Evan: I don’t know a couple weeks or so. Did we surprise you?
Mo: Did olivia know the whole time?
Evan: I don’t know. Why?
The Director: Mo, your phone is ringing
Mo: One sec.. hello?
Dana Green: Mo! You’re in dan. . .
The Director: You suddenly feel like your head is going to explode as you get a vision of fire and smoke and a loud, eternal ringing sound!
Mo: moving towards the conference room Everyone clear the building now !!!!!

And that’s when the world exploded around them.

The explosion came from Dolores’ desk. It flung Mo head first into a refrigerator, but the wall caught some of the blast for him. Manasa and Gao were thrown hard into an exterior wall, while Evan was blown through a door, with a piece of wood lodged in his chest. Most everyone else was in the conference room, where the wall provided some measure of protection against the blast (by taking the brunt of it as it was blown to splinters). No one escaped the blast without injury, some more severe than others. Even Thurston Howell, who had been walking up to the door when it happened, was flung back across the street.

Except for little Shannon Haydenfield, who was severely wounded by shrapnel. Dolores handed the girl off to Mo, who proceeded to run her to the ER down the block, figuring Evan and Sarah would catch up. The Manasa, Gao, Thurston and Dolores struggled to move debris and furniture to help Sarah and Mama Ali. As soon as Sarah was freed, she and Evan immediately chased after Mo and their daughter, leaving Manasa, Gao, Thurston, Dolores and Mama Ali to make their way. By the time that group made it outside, medical students were moving towards to area out of curiosity and a desire to help any injured.

Gao went down the block a little to see if he could find anything Olivia may have left behind. That’s when, as Manasa felt herself being thrown to the ground, Gao felt a burning, stabbing pain in his back (and a ruptured kidney). Gao, seriously injured, ran for cover. Manasa, unable to act, caught a glimpse of Olivia (probably the evil one) standing over her, and the prone forms of Dolores, Thurston and Mama Ali (Olivia had jumped on them from above). Before Manasa could even formulate a curse, Olivia knifed Dolores hard, kicked Thurston so hard in the groin that the shocked knocked him out, and stabbed Mama Ali, right there in the middle of the street full of witnesses.

Manasa, seeing the massive amount of blood pooling under Dolores pleaded with Olivia to just go away, after already having blown up the building. Olivia answered her plea with a boot to the face that knocked Manasa out cold and left her with a severe concussion. The sight of a crazed, knife-wielding teenage girl stopped all the bystands who had been approaching to help. That’s when Olivia announced to everyone present


Then she ran off.

Mo, having handed Shannon off to the doctors, fought his way through the crowd back to the office, to find his friends and family unconscious and bleeding in the street. . .

Most of the rest of the evening was spent fretting in the hospital while filling out police witness statements and questions about Oliva (thanks to her conveniently shouting her name).

The doctors had the following to say:

Shannon would be fine with a little time. Mo’s quick action probably saved her life.

Mama Ali would pull through, but be bed-ridden for a while. This was not good for her heart though.

Manasa would live, with a chance of losing the sight in her left eye.

Gao would live, but have to take it easy for a while.

Dolores had a 60% chance of survival, but was comatose for the time being, and would be paralyzed from the waist down, possibly with other motor control issues.

Sarah Haydenfield was furious with Evan for all of the danger he has brought to the family with his little P.I. hobby. Things aren’t looking good for that family.

Gao, drugged and sleepy, noticed someone quietly walking into his room, a slender form, bundled for the cold weather, face scarf-covered, speaking as it entered. . .

Olivia: Touch the call button and you die tonight Gao.
Gao: Damn you
Olivia: looking at Gao’s haunting spirit Ghost, you shut up now .
Olivia: Damn me? Why ‘damn me’? I haven’t done anything. Haven’t you seen the news? Olivia Danvers did terrible things. And we all know I’m not Olivia. Right? At least, that’s what you tell yourselves.
Gao: If she’s guilty of anything it’s her inaction to stop you
Olivia: Hey, I’m glad to see you pulled through. Was afraid I’d killed you with that knife shot. Sorry about that. I needed to make sure you didn’t interfere. Nothing personal. You know that, right?
Olivia: I mean, if you weren’t a part of her life, I’d leave you completely alone. . .
Olivia: So you might think about that. . .

Around this time, as he was moving to check in on everyone, Mo noticed voices coming from Gao’s room, and he stopped to listen, but they were muffled by the heavy hospital door, preventing him from making much of the sounds.

Gao: You better hope the next time we meet that the odds aren’t so heavily weighted in your favor
Olivia: Gao, it’s only through my mercy that you can look forward to a next time.
Olivia: If I were you, I’d really think about two things –
Olivia: Getting out of town, or helping me.
Gao: I’d laugh if it didn’t hurt so much
Olivia: I’m clever, ambitious, and ruthless. I have plans. You can be a part of those plans.
Gao: You think I like it here?
Olivia: I know you don’t like it here. I’m offering you a chance to get away one way or another.

Mo slowly and silently opened the door a bit so he could hear more clearly. . .

Gao: I thought your kind would be more of a prankster than a terrorist
Olivia: Well, you know my first goal is to make the original’s life hell. That says terror to me more than prank.
Olivia: Right now, I’m just trying to decide if I want to come after all of you some more, or go right after little Mikey. I mean, I’ve already dealt with the parents.
Gao: You turned her parents and killed off what she considers friends…not much left
Olivia: What friends have I killed? I’ve been listening. I didn’t kill anyone today. Well, none of you anyway. So, Mikey is a smart, trained young man. With some vampy infusion, I think he’d make a wonderful companion.
Gao: It’s the first I’ve heard.I thought at least Dolores was gone
Olivia: No, seems the old broad is still alive. For now. She’s a tough old lady. I almost felt bad having to stab her. She seems like a fighter. I bet she pulls through.
Olivia: Who was that guy whose balls I kicked up into his eyes?

At this point, Mo burst into the room, filled with righteous fury, and on the attack. Before anyone realized what was going on, he slammed a hard fist into Olivia’s head, catching her off guard, but only for a moment.

Olivia: Well, this is a surprise! How’s the old lady Mo?

Olivia retaliated with a quick strike at Mo’s groin, to minimal effect, followed by a strike to his face. Before he could counterstrike, she quick drew her knife and thrust it at Gao’s face. . .

Olivia: Don’t make me kill him Mo. . .

Mo noticed that the knife she held was covered in dried blood, the blood of his mother and friends. As his fury grew, Olivia slammed the knife at Gao (clearly pulling her strike some) while simultaneously jumping over Gao’s bed, and through the window, to the ground 40 feet below.

Mo rushed to the window, drawing his weapon as he moved. He saw Olivia on the ground, with a clear shot and opened fire, striking solidly in the murderous girl’s shoulder. He saw her arm go completely limp as he tried to line up next shot.

At the sounds of gunfire, Evan ran out of his daughter’s room, calling for his wife to secure the door. He made it to Gao’s room just as Mo fired a second shot at the obviously injured Olivia. His second shot clipped her in the head as she ran. Olivia stopped, turned around to face Mo up above. As she pulled her hand from her head, he could see the slick blood covering her hand. She smiled a big happy grin at Mo as she simply disappeared from sight.

And this is where the montage began, to the accompaniment of Sara McLachlan’s “I Will Remember You”. . .

Beginning with Gao, sitting in a new bed, injured, and helpless in the face of these events, worried ghost by his side. . .

To Manasa, asleep in her bed, face bandaged like a mummy, bad dreams evident on her visible expression, as machines near her bed beep slowly. . .

To Dolores, in ICU, comatose, looking pale and old, hooked up to more machines than Darth Vader. A doctor scans her chart and shakes his head. . .

Moving down the hall to the room where Mama Ali rests, but stopping in front of the room, Dana Green on the floor, seizing, as medical personnel rush to her side. . .

To Shannon’s room, where Evan and Sarah sit quietly over their injured daughter, Sarah’s rage at Evan almost visible in the silent room. . .

To Mo, talking with security and police, who keep showing him pictures of Olivia, her school photo alongside a security camera image where she gleefully shows her face to the camera. He shakes his head in denial, but his expression betrays the truth of the situation. . .

To a cozy living room, lit by a fireplace and a television showing an old movie. Sitting on a couch is Olivia, head bandaged, arm in a sling, a cup of something in her good hand, and self-satisfied grin on her face. She is speaking with someone unseen, when she sets the cup down and extends her hand toward the fireplace. . . and a familiar mark burns into her palm. . .

The view slowly turns to the fire, where a face is visible as the music fades out. . .

Mysterious Entity: Your wish is granted my dear. . . and soon the entire world will know my glory!


Manasa: What the hell Mo?? Why am I chained up?? I hurt all over, and what’s that awful smell?
Mo: Ma and Pa kettle had themselves a picnic with you. So as a precaution we had to restrain you.
Mo: How are you feeling maybe a little cold coming on?
Manasa: Well fucking unrestrain me. And can I have some ibuprofen?
Manasa: I feel like I got the crap beat out of me, how do you think I feel?
Mo: You hacked up a phlegm ball the size of a Buick of some foul stuff that should not come from a human body which leads me to my next question. . .
Mo: What the hell are you?

Evan: Manasa! Are you a fish person?
Manasa: No, are you?
Evan: I don’t think so.

Evan: So you claim that you are not any kind of Monster or Demon in disguise correct?
Gao: Enough lies. I’m tired of being played for a fool. You aren’t human, so get out with it!
Evan: Hi Gao. Glad you could join us in this small room and be hostile.
Manasa: blank stare
Evan: And it was very effective.

Evan: Mo, I am taking you to lunch for your birthday. Yacht club or Country club? Or anywhere else you want to go.
Mo: Whichever is less pretentious.
Evan: I’ll buy you a top hat and a monocle

Mo: to Gao Next time try to catch the knife with your hand instead of your kidney



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