• Evan Haydenfield

    Evan Haydenfield

    An Immortal lecherous surgeon with an interest in the supernatural, a lot of money, and an investigation agency shared with Mo Ali.
  • Gao Longwei (Gow Lung-way)

    Gao Longwei (Gow Lung-way)

    Ass kicking "Henshin Mystic"!
  • Jaime Sanders

    Jaime Sanders

    Half-Bracken demon violent semi-reformed criminal working as a bouncer and sometimes ally of Mo Ali and Evan Haydenfield.
  • Mo Ali

    Mo Ali

    An ex-police detective who left the force in order to spend more time investigating the strange and unusual in Arkham.
  • Olivia Danvers

    Olivia Danvers

    A dirt-poor 16-year old science nerd who also happens to be a Slayer-in-Training.
  • Quinn Manson

    Quinn Manson

    Quiet, unassuming new science teacher at Arkham High.
  • Sharon Tate

    Sharon Tate

    Witch obsessed with uncovering the secrets of her past.