Evan Haydenfield

An Immortal lecherous surgeon with an interest in the supernatural, a lot of money, and an investigation agency shared with Mo Ali.


(Concept) Hey Ladies, I’m Kind of a Big Deal
Intrigued by the Strange and Unusual
Cops Really Don’t Like Me
Damn, I’d Like to Hit That!
Wife and Kid
Oh Shit, It’s a Dog!!
Someone’s Gonna Try to Cut My Head Off
Paranormal Private Dick

Attribute Improvements
Strength +1
Agility +1


So many unusual cases came through Arkham General that, unlike most of my colleagues, I just couldn’t ignore the oddities. My early investigations led me to both the knowledge of and fascination with the supernatural. This is what led me down the path to becoming a surgeon, allowing me more free time to investigate the paranormal. My investigations eventually caused me to cross paths with Mo Ali, and that turned into a friendship and a joint private investigator business.

My wife Sarah doesn’t really approve of the P.I. thing (“childish little hobby” she calls it), but she has no clue what’s really out there. Hopefully, she never will.

Dying was an interesting experience. Dying, then coming back in the morgue and finding out that I’m immortal, unless someone cuts my head off. And that apparently there are quite a few people who want to do that. Luckily I’ve got Captain John Stanton to help me learn the ins and outs of immortality. I just hope he doesn’t decide to cut my head off for some reason.

Evan Haydenfield

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