Manasa Rush


(Concept) Cursed Warrior Seeking Vengeance
Violence Is a Solution
I Like the Way It Burns

Attribute Improvements
Reaction +1


I’m one of the few left of my kind. Then someone or some creature cursed me to stay in this puny human form. I must find a way to break this curse. The oracle told me to go to Arkham. There is a group of paranormal investigators that may be able to help me find a way to break this curse. I was beginning to think the oracle was playing a most cruel joke on me, an ex-cop and a pervert doctor are supposed to help uncurse me? Give me a break. I’m a warrior and the only job I could find in this stupid town is “exotic dancing” at a dingy place amazingly enough named “Look Here!Naked Girls!” Just because I don’t have some stupid paperwork about a Social Security number and a state ID? I help keep these two alive, and they diss me left and right. The humiliations I’ve had to endure because of this damn form, I don’t know how much more I can take before I absolutely lose it. However, amazingly enough, the oracle may not be playing me. I met a very interesting girl, a vampire slayer in training and her new watcher. Maybe these two are the ones who can truly help me break the curse and find who cursed me and end them…

Manasa Rush

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