Michael Danvers

Olivia's little brother


Dirt Poor
Social Misfit
Antisocial Impulses


Being poor sucks! I get real damn tired, yeah, I said “damn”, of getting made fun of because my clothes are old and worn. Big effin deal! I’ll punch out the next kid to say something, you can count on THAT! I know Olivia said I’m not supposed to fight other kids at least, but dammit, sometimes they just need a smack.

Yeah, I know what Olivia does, and its pretty cool. One of these days, she’ll let me help her, even if she says that’s not gonna happen. I’ve been practicin’. Luckily, mom and dad don’t pay enough attention to get in my way or tell me not to. Anyway, I know squirrels aren’t vampires or anything. Wait, vampires don’t exist, that’s right. Anyway, it’s good practice. Little bastards are tricky. Hard to get the heart with a stake. I figure if I can stake a squirrel in the heart, I can stake a vamp. If vampires were real, I mean, but they aren’t.

Wanna see my gun?

Michael Danvers

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