Mo Ali

An ex-police detective who left the force in order to spend more time investigating the strange and unusual in Arkham.


(Concept) I Was a Cop Once
Now I Hunt Demons
Minority (Iraqi)
Mom’s Got No One Else
Paranormal Private Dick

Attribute Improvements
Reaction +1


I was an up and coming detective in the Arkham P.D. Even though I had seen my share of very odd cases, I ignored the true cause as long as possible. Once the dream visions started, I found it impossible to ignore the evil that roamed Arkham. I eventually quit my police job to become a Private Investigator, affording myself more free time to investigate the other side of Arkham and put a stop to the evil in the darkness.

Since then, I’ve dedicated myself to learning how to find and fight demons, monsters, and whatever is out there. I’ve had some wins and some losses, but the fight goes on.

Mo Ali

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