Olivia Danvers

A dirt-poor 16-year old science nerd who also happens to be a Slayer-in-Training.


(Concept) A Teenage Slayer-in-Training
My Brother Depends on Me
Obligated to the Watcher’s Council
Dirt “Live in a Shack” Poor
Smarter Than I Look
I’m Am Not Obsessed with My Science Project

Attribute Improvements
Strength +1
Agility +1


Two years ago, a strange British man came to me with stories about my “destiny” and “hidden power”. It was creepy. I tried to avoid him, but eventually, he found my parents and offered them a monthly check in exchange for being allowed to train and educate me. I wish I had been surprised that they said “okay”. At first I resisted, until he showed me my first vampire. Once I realized he was not buying me as some kind of sex slave or anything like that, I took to the training well. But training wasn’t enough. I needed to take the fight to the bad guys. Even if I wasn’t the Slayer. He figured out that he couldn’t stop me, so now we both go out and hunt the vampires, predator becomes prey and all that. Just seems like the right thing to do.

We’ve found some allies. An ex-cop, a doctor (who looks at me in a bad way sometimes), and the bouncer from Arkham Nights. We’ve kicked some ass so far, but Rhys died and I miss him. The others say it was an accident but I think there was something more to it. I still don’t know if the Watcher’s Council is going to send someone to replace him.

Now that I know what’s out there, I’ve started training my younger brother Michael to do what I do. I know he can never be a Slayer or anything, but it’s dangerous out there, and someone has to look out for him. Lord knows our parents aren’t going to.

Olivia Danvers

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