Rhys Harper

Deceased; Was the (PC) Watcher assigned to oversee Olivia's training.


Born and raised to be a Watcher, my upbringing was disciplined, and relatively joyless. Two years ago, I was sent to Arkham, MA to begin the training of a young potential Slayer. The initial contact went about as well as you would expect – older British stranger suddenly showing interest in a young girl from a dirt poor family. But her family was more than happy to take the $1,500 a month the Watchers Council offered in exchange for allowing me to train and educate their daughter. She shows promise, but I pray every day that she never receives the call. Not that it matters that much, since she has taken it upon herself to try and do the job of a Slayer even without the power, so now she and I patrol and train and fight evil, and I hope every day that she at least lives to see 21.

Contrary to popular belief, I do NOT have a drinking problem.

Not that it matters since I’m dead now. Slipped in the bathroom. That’s not how I imagined it happening.

Rhys Harper

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