Shannon Haydenfield

Evan's precocious 8-year old daughter


My Daddy’s Rich
Big-Eyed 8-year Old Kid


Gosh, I don’t know what I’m supposed to say here. Mom and Dad don’t fight much or nothin’. I mean, I guess sometimes they argue a little bit about detecting things but I try not to pay attention to that stuff. Did you know that I’m super in school? I get to play the Headless Horseman in our play! I’m excited about that!

Have I ever seen anything weird or creepy? Well duh! Who hasn’t? Bobby Knight brought his lizard to school one day, but it got loose and the janitor stomped it. That was pretty gross. My friend Beth – you can’t see her – is pretty good about telling me where and where not to go. She helps make sure I stay safe.

Shannon Haydenfield

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