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Very few places in the world have the history of supernatural events and entities that the Arkham, Massachusetts region has. Since before the Europeans arrived, the area has been home to many strange, alien, and evil beings. Cultists worshipping utterly alien gods, demons stalking the land, searching for prey, portals to other realms, entire towns tainted by the Other. All are frighteningly common to the area.

Yet, despite this, Arkham has maintained, and even thrived to a degree. There have always been a handful of individuals who step up to battle the forces of darkness that threaten the area (and the world), and that tradition unknowingly continues into the modern age.

Today, there is a small group of men and women who fight against the encroaching darkness, who seek to hold back the night that threatens to devour all. In future ages, no songs will be sung of these heroes, no legends will be recorded; they will remain unknown to future generations, barring the occasional whisper in strange, occult circles. They fight not for recognition, glory, or riches. They fight because it is the right thing to do; because they must.

The following pages chronicle the deeds of these heroes.
Arkham Knights Season 1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel via Shadowrun 4th Edition in Lovecraft Country with a dash of this and a pinch of that thrown in for good measure.