Arkham Knights

s1e6 - Demon of Catheway

Ancient Evils in Small Towns

API was brought in on a missing persons case by a Dr. Armedt, on behalf of one of his students. The students’ brother had gone missing after looking into something concerning ancient Egyptian artifacts on behalf of Dr. Armedt. After a short bit of investigation, the leads led them to the small, dying town of Catheway (pop 100 – then at least). Some digging gave them the name Bob Leland as a possible suspect. Conversations with townsfolk indicated that Leland was trouble. Mo and Evan decided to go back and round up the troops just in case they needed some backup.

Also, at some point, while on patrol, Olivia, Gao, and Manasa got their asses handed to them by Spike, who was hanging out in Arkahm for little spot o fun. In Spike’s defense, he was just banging a willing partner in an alleyway when they assaulted him.

The next day, the crew made their way back to Catheway, and Leland’s home, where they preformed some breaking, entering, and snooping. The most important thing they found in Leland’s place was the bomb-making materials. A lot of materials. But no sign of Leland, so they went to the only eatery in town to wait until later to try and contact him.

Their lovely meal at the inn (complete with a very friendly proprietor) was suddenly and violently interrupted by the back wall exploding in, in flames, and several explosions rocked the town at roughly the same time the power was cut! As they moved swiftly to exit the ablaze building (while rescuing the proprietor), they started hearing whoopin’, hollerin’, gunfire, and screamin’!

Apparently, there were yahoos I cars and trucks driving around shooting and running over the citizens of Catheway as they tried to escape their burning homes or moved to help their neighbors. Olivia and Mo quickly took the fight to the Evil Yahoos, while the others. . . .dicked around or something.

In a matter of moments, Olivia and Mo brought down at least two of the Evil Yahoos, though Olivia took a nasty gunshot wound in the process. Mo managed to avoid one Evil Yahoo that tried to run him over and ended up crashing into a house.

Mo got the drop on one of the Evil Yahoos and tried to use him as a “surrender or he dies” hostage, but Leland simply put a bullet in the minion’s face before driving off with the surviving Yahoos and a truck bed full of bodies.

Olivia and Mo jumped into one of the Yahoo’s trucks to engage in pursuit, and were swiftly joined by Manasa and Gao (having finally caught up while leaving Evan on foot). They followed Leland into the woods, and, while strategizing, were joined by Evan (having appropriated a different Evil Yahoo’s car). At which point, petty bickering commenced, which gave the bad guys time to complete the spell they were working on (Thanks Heroes!) that freed an ancient evil creature, allowing him to roam loose on the world once again!

Olivia, not being a part of the bickering, snuck up and took down one Evil Yahoo with her bow, like a Teenage American Ninja. The battle commenced – Leland joined the fray, firing off his .45 like a drunken redneck, and finally by the mummified creature, who started off with a magical gust of wind that knocked Mo and Gao down (at this point, Evan was out of the way, and Manasa was still back at the cars screwing around). Olivia withstood the spell and started sinking shafts in the creature’s body.

Long story short – Olivia took down the ancient evil with several bow shots while Mo and Evan served to subdue Leland. They didn’t’ realize that Leland had a second gun, however, and he managed to end his own life at seeing the defeat of his master.

Shortly thereafter, the local Sheriff, whom Evan had briefly encountered while the town was burning, showed up ready to shoot and/or arrest everyone. After a tense few moments, Gao incapacitated the sheriff briefly, while Oliva sprang into action and knocked him smooth out. While he was out, the group fled the woods and the remains of Catheway, victors (mostly).

Catheway (at beginning) population 100, buildings 30
Catheway (at end) population 27, buildings 8

Evan: I don’t know. Ask Mo. He talked to Jamie more than I did. And yes.
Evan: He never liked me cause I shot him
Manasa: hehe, so why did you shoot him?
Evan: I was being mind controlled or somthing. It was only once but he was really not cool about it.
Evan: I even said I was sorry and he punched me.
Evan: We have a small case but its in hand at the moment. More importantly, are you stripping or waiting tables?
Manasa: dancing
Evan: Well, don’t get weird if you see me there and don’t worry, I always tip very well.
Manasa: i don’t care what you see, but touch me and i’ll break something
Evan: Agressive
Gao: We need to leave…That is William the Bloody! We are not ready for this
Evan: We ready for an exciting day of hillbilly fighting?
Mo: yep. How is your schedule when can we pencil in this ass kicking
Evan: You know me, I can always make time for ass kicking.
Gao: I think this guy likes fire and explosions
Gao: Or he’s an amateur clockmaker and gardener
Dan Jacobs: All of you, down on the ground! You know the position!
Olivia: Figures. Stop a demon, get hassled by the Man
Evan: Just keep cool Olivia



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