Gao Longwei (Gow Lung-way)

Ass kicking "Henshin Mystic"!


(Concept) Ass kicking “Henshin Mystic”
Minority (Chinese)
I’m not a stereotype…I probably speak better English than you and get to keep the cool accent.
Honor follows those who flee from it


I started out as a young stunt double in the great city of Hong Kong with big dreams of starring in my own Kung Fu movies. I worked with the greats like Jackie Chan and Jet Li in their early careers until I was almost made a vampire snack one night after filming. After being exposed to the things that stalk the city at night, it became hard to stick with Kung Fu training and working on a movie career. I spent years researching and doing what I could to keep my neighborhood clean of these creatures. When this knowledge became too much of a burden I confided in my grandfather what I had learned. He revealed to me that he himself was a scholar of the occult and had an impressive collection of tomes on the subject. He even taught me of the black arts and ancient Chinese medicine with his remaining years. After his passing, I was approached by the Watcher Council and assigned to the United States. I’ve spent the past few years learning what I can to fit into Western society and take on my first Slayer-in-training. I wasn’t exactly pleased to find out I’ve been assigned to the East coast…Arkham of all places.

Gao Longwei (Gow Lung-way)

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