Jaime Sanders

Half-Bracken demon violent semi-reformed criminal working as a bouncer and sometimes ally of Mo Ali and Evan Haydenfield.


(Concept) Demon-fightin’ Legbreaker
Always Clownin’ Around
My Word is My Bond
Violence Solves A Lot of Problems
Daddy Was a Bracken Demon
Bouncer is My Day Job


I’ve been involved in criminal enterprises of some sort since I was 15, when I found myself involved with a gang. Between then and 17, I made money as an enforcer. Young for the job, true, but my physical ability, penchant for violence, and my ability to spot danger in advance, made me valuable for the job. Two years ago, my small little syndicate was wiped out in a war with a demonic gang that moved into Arkham. I was the only survivor. Since then, while I occasionally give in to my criminal impulses, I have been working as a bouncer at Arkham Nights, and spending my free time seeking out and smashing the evil creatures that roam the darkened streets of Arkham.

I’ve been spending more time with a couple of P.I.s and a surprisingly skilled and violent teenage girl. They’re all pretty into fighting demons and shit, so that’s cool. I wouldn’t say we’re friends though. And they could stand to pay me for my help sometimes.

Jaime Sanders

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